A little about me:

Hi, I’m Sherri. I’m a Small Business Consultant located in Adams County, Ohio. I’ve been specializing in behind-the-scenes support services for small business owners nationwide since 1991.

My education is in accounting, business, finance, real estate and creative writing. My career choices, creativity, plus my love for numbers, data, research and writing are what make me unique to freelancing.

My passion for entrepreneurship, organization, problem solving, business systems and workflows have helped me serve my clients well while also building a sustainable business that’s been full of long-term clients for over 30 years.

There are several benefits to small business owners when they hire me:

  • My services are a tax deduction to a business owner. Yes, you really can claim the services, and workshops I provide as an expense for your taxes.
  • Every service I provide is on an as-needed basis. The benefit is that business owners only pay for the service they need; when they need it.
  • Business owners hire me as an independent contractor. The benefit is that when business owners pay me they don't pay me as an employee; which means there are no payroll taxes, paid days off, or benefits package.
  • I'm a home-based business. The benefit is that my overhead is low; which in turn is the reason I'm able to keep my prices low.
  • My services are always provided behind the scenes, virtually. My workshops and consultations are always provided through Zoom.
  • My contract includes a non-disclosure agreement so no one except my client and I know who I'm working with and what we're working on. All property rights for each project belong to the client.
  • The #PraiseNotes I share from client testimonials are with written consent from the client.
  • Integrity, morals, and a strong work ethic have always served me well in life and business.

All of the above, of course, has not only been a way to benefit my clients, but has also been a way to support myself and my family for over three decades.

Over the years I’ve had thousands of initial conversations with clients that have all been very similar; they thought they were too small of a business to be able to afford to hire an assistant. Yet, they were also struggling to do EVERY THING themselves.

That’s where I come in. Supporting small business owners is the reason I began my business. My desire to help them hasn’t changed in over thirty years. My support services allow the small business owner to focus on the most important tasks of any business, the ones that produce revenue.

With me comes over:

  • 30 years of experience as an owner of multiple small businesses
  • 20 years in the medical industry
  • 10 years in the investor accounting industry
  • 15 years in the real estate industry

My proficiencies include:

  • Medical management
  • Office management
  • Medical billing, authorization, and revenue cycle specialist
  • Realtor, Buyer/Seller representative, Leasing specialist, Real Estate investor and flipper
  • Trainer for newly licensed real estate agents
  • Research specialist for surveying, engineering, titles, market statistics, plat mapping, deed restrictions, and zoning
  • Project management for medical field and new build construction
  • Credit score advisor and credit reporting
  • Branding, content creation, copywriting, social media management, workflow customizing, and program setup for business efficiencies and customer experiences
  • Story telling through ghostwriting, short stories, and blogging.
  • Inventory management, on-boarding processes, standard operating procedure creations, automating repetitive tasks
  • eCommerce management, website development
  • Ability to listen well, break complex materials down, and create easy-to-understand messages
  • Ability to create graphics and charts to improve comprehension in marketing materials
  • Ability to plan and prioritize project to excel at meeting deadlines

I've been blessed with long-term clients, some that have been with me since my doors opened for business.

I hope I can add you to the list of long-term clients.

God bless, Sherri

    Providing Small Business Services and Workshops since 1991 through small business consulting, online business management, and virtual assistance. Specializing in Genealogy Services and Workshops for OH, KY, and WV. Providing courses to fellow Christians.

    Co-owner of Smith Ridge Farm where we offer heirloom vegetables and herbs grown on our farm, canned preserves, farm-fresh treats, and custom-designed merchandise.