How does this work?

Hi, I'm Sherri. I appreciate your interest in working with me.

Throughout my website you'll find services and workshops can be easily purchased. Most will require a consultation which will allow us exclusive one-on-one time to discuss your specific needs; whether in business, genealogy, or on a personal level and allow us to create a plan of action.

Once you purchase a service or workshop you'll receive an immediate email from me with a link to schedule an appointment that's convenient for you.

You'll also receive a link to fill out a consultation form. The consultation form is required to be filled out 24 hours prior to our appointment. It's time that I need to prepare for our initial consultation and will allow us to make the most use of our work time together.

During our initial appointment, we will discuss details covering the service or workshop you purchased, when it will begin and be complete. All future appointments necessary to fulfill the service or workshop will be scheduled before our Zoom call ends. Those appointments are part of the service or workshop and will not be charged separately to you.

Once our initial appointment is over, I will email you a contract outlining the details we discussed during our consultation. The signed contract is required prior to the start of the service or workshop you purchased.

Once your service or workshop is complete, you'll receive an email including a paid receipt along with a quick survey asking you about your experience.

Business owners, my services and workshops are tax deductible. Please give your receipt to your tax preparer so they can use the expense on your return.

When an online course is purchased, you will receive an immediate email that includes the link to start the course at your convenience. A consultation is not required for online courses.

For services that require an estimate, a consultation is required so we can discuss your exact needs and time-frame. An estimate will be emailed to you along with a contract after our initial appointment. A signed contract and payment is required prior to the start of the service.

Thank you again for your interest in working with me. I'm looking forward to being of service.

God bless, Sherri

    Providing Small Business Services and Workshops since 1991 through small business consulting, online business management, and virtual assistance. Specializing in Genealogy Services and Workshops for OH, KY, and WV. Providing courses to fellow Christians.

    Co-owner of Smith Ridge Farm where we offer heirloom vegetables and herbs grown on our farm, canned preserves, farm-fresh treats, and custom-designed merchandise.