My Business Toolkit

I'm often asked how to choose which programs are the best to use in a business. Truthfully, there isn't one ideal program for every type of business...that's why there are so many programs available. I recommend programs to clients after understanding more about their businesses.

Below are the programs I specifically use for my businesses.

ConvertKit is what I use for an email marketing platform. The automation is exceptional, the landing pages and sign-up forms are beautifully designed, and the thank you pages are ideal. The FREE PLAN for ConvertKit is available is you have 1,000 subscribers or less which makes it the best choice for an existing business or one just starting out.

Dubsado is what I use for a business management platform. It makes creating quotes, submitting and signing contracts simple while creating an incredible workflow on the back end for me and my subcontractors to communicate and make sure projects are complete before their deadline.

Asana is what I use for a project management platform. It integrates with other platforms, helps streamline projects, and workflows while being able to set deadlines for every detail of the project.

LearnWorlds is what I use to create, sell, and market my online courses. Their platform can be used alone or with your existing website. Courses can be live, drip campaigns, or webinars. Everything is contained within one system which makes the program convenient to use.

Movavi is what I use for screen recording, video editing, as well as, photo editing. Their platform also allow you to create slideshows, mobile clips and allows video conversion. It's a must for any small business because of the functionality of their product and their low price tag.

Shopify is what I use for a website platform. Their platform can allows for physical and digital products, as well as, online courses to be sold. The inventory management is simple and convenient to setup. Whether you have an online only store or a brick-and-mortar, Shopify is the one website platform that I would recommend for every business.

Rumble is what I use for a video platform. The hosting is simple to setup and distribute on social media and in email marketing. The videos are professional. And, for those interested in affiliate marketing, the monetization is ideal.

ThriveCart is what I use for selling digital products. It's a shopping cart solution that can be used to sell physical and digital products, such as eBooks and digital courses. It allows you to bump offers up and down to increase sales. It's simple to setup and convenient to use repeatedly. It connects with ConvertKit and allows lead capture which is ideal for any small business. This is one of the VERY few platforms that have a ONE-TIME payment to purchase the program. It does not have a recurring fee a year or each month...just the one-time price. Smart business!

CinchShare is what I use and recommend to most of my clients for social media scheduling. CinchShare is easy to connect your social media platforms while keeping your content organized in customizable folders so you don't have to re-create new posts until you want to. CinchShare was originally designed for direct sellers, but it's grown to accomodate any type of business.

I hope you find the above information helpful. If at any time you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

God Bless, Sherri

    Providing Small Business Services and Workshops since 1991 through small business consulting, online business management, and virtual assistance. Specializing in Genealogy Services and Workshops for OH, KY, and WV. Providing courses to fellow Christians.

    Co-owner of Smith Ridge Farm where we offer heirloom vegetables and herbs grown on our farm, canned preserves, farm-fresh treats, and custom-designed merchandise.