My Personal Toolkit.

Each product listed below has been a key component in my journey to regain my health. If you've been reading my #porchtalk blog or following me on social media for long, you will know that I don't shy away from talking about this very personal topic. It's why I created My Personal Toolkit. Each one of the products below are what I use on a daily basis. I pray that sharing my renewed health will help others in their healing journey. Some of the links below allow you to purchase the products at a discount. I'll note the discount in red. God Bless!

Earthing products are what I use throughout the year to stay grounded. I have an Elite Sleep Mat that goes under my cotton bed sheet (use sheets from natural products). I have an Elite Pillow Cover that goes under my cotton pillow cover. I have an Earthing Foot Band Kit that I attach to my bare arm while I'm reading or watching movies. And I have a Universal Mat Kit that I put my bare feet on while I'm working at my desk. Once I began researching the benefits of grounding, I knew I wanted to try it. My Husband, God love him, bought me the Universal Mat for me to use while working. After using it for a week, I began seeing continual improvements in my much so that I knew I wanted to extend my grounding beyond the 8 hours. I highly recommend everyone stay as grounded as possible each day when you can't be outside putting your bare feet in the grass and gazing into the sun.

Melaleuca is my wellness box that gets delivered each month. It costs me $15. a year to have the subscription which is MUCH LESS than what most of us spend on caffeine for the day. Melaleuca natural products are what I use throughout my house, from laundry to household cleaning supplies, including shampoo, deodorant, face wash, body wash, and hand soap. Their protein shakes, and bars are what I eat on a daily basis and have since mid 2023. I snack on their popcorn and granola. I began using their essential oils for my health and was so content that I branched out to use their other products. I'm so happy I did. I've had numerous testimonials from family, friends, and clients who've switched to Melaleuca products and wish they'd known about them sooner!

Riverbend Ranch Steaks is part of my health journey. I was introduced to Riverbend while I was researching the carnivore diet. This company knows how to do things right!!! If you're like me and interested in beef that is hormone and antibiotic FREE, you're going to want to check out Riverbend. Their beef is absolutely delicious and I believe it's because they raise their beef on-site, without hormones and antibiotics, and process them on-site also so there's no third-party involved. I couldn't be happier with making this choice for my family.

TID Radio is a fantastic radio to use for GMRS or HAM. Our family chose to purchase their H8 HAM radios and get licensed as HAM operators so that we can stay in communication during natural disasters. After living in Southwest Florida through several Hurricanes I realized how important it was to be in communication with the outside world during natural disasters. Our HAM radios allow us to know what's going on around us and how long to expect to be without our modern conveniences of electric and water. To use a HAM radio you will need a Technician License through the FCC. There are other licenses that you can obtain after the Technician License, if you'd like. If your family would like to use the GMRS radio, there's not an exam required, but you will have to pay a small fee to the FCC for a family license. GMRS, HAM, and CB's are the best resource to have in your home or car during a natural disaster. We are very happy with our H8's and recommend them to everyone we know. Save 10% on your purchase through my Affiliate Link above or save 15% during your checkout with Coupon Code: SMITHRIDGE.

Akamai Oral Care & Body Care are products I began using several years ago and were recommended by a friend. Her words still ring truth in my ears today, she said "Detoxing our body begins with our mouth". Fluoride is not healthy for my body and I seek out products that don't have it. I started my health journey with Akamai products by using their Bamboo toothbrush which has a longer life span than any other toothbrush I've used on the market. Their Mineral Tooth Powder removes toxins and bacteria naturally without fluoride which is key for my health. It also removes heavy metals. Their 3 in 1 BAR is ideal for traveling and I use it often at home also because it's a natural product and contains castor oil. Their Healing Clay I don't use everyday, but it's been instrumental in helping me be rid of toenail fungus and warts. It's my go to for a face mask and I use it on mosquito bites when needed. This is another company that I can't stop raving about their products because they've helped me so much in my journey! Save $7.00 on your purchase through my Affiliate Link above.

Stellar Biotics was the final key to fully complete my health journey. Over the last three years I've tried countless probiotics that did not live up to their promise. After two weeks of being on del-IMMUNVE V Daily I noticed a complete transformation within my gut health. The pills are easy to swallow because they're small. They don't need refrigeration which makes them ideal for traveling with me. The company's claims of inflammation disease and level of toxicity can be reduced after continued use of their product is spot on. I can't recommend Stellar Biotics enough!

Pure Himalayan Shilajit is my go to for Shilajit drops. Their Shilajit is a natural product that comes from the Altai Mountains. I put these drops under my tongue and allow it to melt. They've a strong taste, but the benefits WAY outweigh the flavor. I also use the freeze dried Shilajit powder in my smoothies when I don't have time to put a drop under my tongue or take a Shilajit supplement. Shilajit helps our metabolism to function well and supports our immune system. Both of those things have been key to regaining my health. Our bodies were created to work well and over the years my body hasn't been able to do that. Now, thanks in part to this natural product my metabolism is working as it should. My hair loss has reversed. My skin looks better in my 50's than it did in my youth and my nails are stronger than they've ever been. If you're new to using Shilajit, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask questions. I feel strongly about sharing with others what I've found in my journey to health so that they can succeed in creating healthy habits.

Thorne Supplements have been a game changer during my journey to regain my health. The combination of their Berberine and Chromium were key in my body's ability to go off from diabetic medication. I am no longer a type 2 diabetic. Their Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin K2, and Vitamin D were key in my body's ability to regulate my blood pressure and to go off from high blood pressure medication. Their Stress Balance and Rhodiola have been instrumental in decreasing my stress and menopause symptoms. I'm never without these supplements each day!

Florida Sharkman's Parasite Protocol continues to be instrumental in removing toxins and parasites from my body. I'm now on the Maintenance Protocol after a year of detoxing my body. I was very skeptical when I came across Florida Sharkman on social media. I lurked and soaked up every bit of information he posted for months before I decided to take a leap of Faith and begin with his Protocol B. I wasn't sure if parasites could be the root cause of my long-term health issues, but after reading an endless list of testimonials from others I felt there had to be some legitimacy in detoxing. I would've never guessed how important it was for us to detox our bodies of toxins and parasites until I did it myself. Toxins and parasites enter our bodies as simply as eating food that's under cooked, eating fruits and vegetables that haven't been thoroughly washed, and swimming in creeks or lakes. So, friends, if you've been plagued with long-term viral loads, plagued with immunity issues, and yes, even cancer, I can not recommend the Florida Sharkman Parasite Protocol enough. I've had countless acquaintances have tumors disappear while others are now enjoying eczema-free skin and yet many more now have an immune system that's working again after decades of various immune deficiencies. Removing the root cause of our health issues is as important as building a house on a solid foundation. I urge everyone I come across with long-term health issues to detox. The benefits have been astounding!

Redmond Real Salt is what I switched to from table salt. Table salt has iodine that my body doesn't need. Table salt kept my body in a state of inflammation which contributed to my migraines, weight gain, and chronic pain. Redmond Real Salt contains minerals my body does need. Not only do I put a dab of salt under my tongue first thing in the morning when I get up so my body can absorb the much needed minerals, but I also cook and bake with Redmond's. Make the switch for your health and your families!

Natural Shilajit has been a gold mine for my health. What I feel like on the inside is finally showing up on the outside. My skin has never looked better. My hair loss has reversed and my hair feels amazingly soft. It's also improved my brain fog, energy, and my libido. I take the veggie caps, but there's other forms available. Natural Shilajit is wild-crafted, 100% natural, and cold-pressed extracted into a resin or powder so it doesn't lose its efficacy. It has minerals, amino acids, Fulvic acid, Humic acid, Vitamins A, B, C, P, micro-nutrients and MUCH MORE. After two weeks of taking Natural Shilajit daily I felt the difference inside before I began seeing the difference outside. This product I was skeptical of using until I mentioned to a friend that it was on my radar to try. She said she'd been using it for six months and couldn't belief the transformation it had provided her health after using consistently for the first month. I've been using it daily ever since with no plans of stopping. I highly recommend Natural Shilajit!!!

Organic Turkey Tail & Reishi Mushrooms were products recommended by a friend. These two products have helped my body heal from adrenal fatigue. I've finally moved out of the constant "fight or flight mode" I was stuck in which has allowed my immune system to work better and leaves my body in a calmer state which allows my mind to be in a calmer state as well. These are two supplements I take daily along with my Thorne supplements. I can't even begin to put into words eloquently enough how much better Turkey Tail & Reishi Mushrooms have made me feel on the inside. I can't begin to recommend them enough!

US Organic is not only a US company, but they produce an incredible Castor Oil that I've been using for over three years. It's been an instrumental part of my health journey through detoxing my body. I truly can't recommend detoxing enough. I use it to detox my organs. I use it as a skin moisturizer when needed. I use it to soothe any aches and pains I have from overdoing it. I've used it to help alleviate headaches. It's been a fantastic product to use for healing my adrenal fatigue. Their Castor Oil is organic and cold-pressed so it doesn't lose any efficacy. If you're new to detoxing, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

ZeroWater has been one of the most important changes that's been made within our home. Not only do we drink the water that's filtered through ZeroWater, but we cook with it as well because my family's health is just as important as mine. We were searching for a water filtration system that removed fluroide from our tap water when we discovered ZeroWater. ZeroWater not only filtered out fluroide from our water, but also had the lowest amount of solids detectable. The water tastes fresh and crisp to drink and we love that we can cook with it for the health of our family. Providing filtered water to your pets and house plants are a great idea too! Whether you're interested in filtering water directly from your faucet or using one of the ZeroWater containers...there's no wrong way to use the ZeroWater products. We highly recommend them!

I hope you find the above information helpful. If at any time you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

God Bless, Sherri

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