#PraiseNote Client Testimonials

"Sherri is one of the most creative and talented individuals that I know. She has been my right hand since 2001. Her depth of knowledge is why I began using her services. Her passion, commitment, and attention to detail are why I won't use anyone else." -Margie S., Multipreneur, Florida

"Thank you Sherri for helping me start my new venture. I can't believe how quickly it's growing. I continue to be impressed with your efficiency, your ideas, and your results. It's great to work with you!" -Carol K., Creative Homesteader, Texas

"Sherri, please share my testimony because my heart could not be any more content or full! Our initial call was scheduled so I could get help with setting up a better system to follow-up with client. I was hoping to find something that would be easy for me to maintain by myself once it was setup. Conversation came so easy with you and so did the ideas that flower. I didn't tend to talk to you about my heart's desire when I retired, but that's what happened in the middle of our conversation. If it weren't for your heartfelt words of encouragement and your sincerity in helping me start my dream early, I'd still be a Realtor. Don't get me wrong, I loved my career and my clients. But, my heart certainly wasn't as full as it is now. You were right, my passion is where my heart is content. My love for helping others is now refocused and it wouldn't have happened without taking the step to schedule our initial phone call. Thank you, friend!" -Kelly, Realtor to Entrepreneur, Utah

"My military background gave me a passion for helping others to gain knowledge in self-defense and being prepared for any type of natural disaster, but it didn't give me a background in how to setup or run a business from home. I found Sherri online and scheduled an appointment because of her knowledge with business and self-defense. If she wasn't able to help me and I'd waste an hour of my time it was the worst that could come from it. Thanks to Sherri, I've been a fully functioning business owner for over five years with a packed schedule of events and a long waiting list. Sherri created my website, the content for it, and my brochures. She setup my office organization through programs I wasn't even aware of so connections come together well for each customer to receive great customer service thoughtful their experience with me and my business. She made it so easy to work with her that I reached out to her for help in blogging. She is a great listener with impressive creativity and business knowledge. Sherri, I appreciate you and all of your efforts to make my business possible." -Josh, Self-Defense + Preparedness, Nebraska

"Sherri is a natural at creating words to express what we need. She is so professional and easy to work with! Even if she brought no other skill set to the table, besides her research skills, we would continue to use her just for that. But, she continually brings every project to fruition, on time, within budget, and with creativity. Her customer service has never disappointed. We appreciate all she does for us!" -Kay, Medical Office, Pennsylvania

"Sherri, I can not say Thank You enough for every single thing you've created for me. I felt so overwhelmed by not knowing where to start that I just did nothing, except stress over it all. My website, blog posts, branded pamphlets, and instructional pieces have been the catalyst for me to be able to make a living from home while I home-school my children. Friend, if I may call you that now, your one-on-one workshop with me has been priceless and I just want the world to know how extraordinary you are! You're so easy to work with and talk to. You know exactly what I'm looking for even when I don't know it myself. I am thankful that I can now say that my business is up and running, I run it, and it's not consuming time I don't have to give it. Thank You for everything!" -Heather, Natural Products, Kentucky

"Time management is not a term I used prior to working with Sherri. As Sherri worked with me on budgeting, scheduling, planning, and productive time, light bulbs started going off in my head. When you're too close to a situation, sometimes you need a level-headed person to bounce ideas off of. Sherri is that person for me. I feel less consumed with worry and more focused than I've felt in years. I know this season of having young children in the house will pass, but until then I want to be able to be present through it all. I didn't feel present until I started scheduling my work time and my playtime. Now I can see it all clearly in a daily and weekly planner along with planning things out for months ahead of time. Time management didn't come naturally for me and wasn't something that was taught in college. But, it's certainly helped me navigate through the work-life balance I desperately needed. All thanks to you, Sherri!" -Amy, Writer, Oregon

"Sherri has been my right-hand person for business and office support for decades. I couldn't be happier with her work, attitude, and work ethic. There isn't anything I've asked her to help with that she's not excelled at providing. She designed and manages our website. She manages our social media. She creates our blog posts. She creates our in-house work forms and patient-care forms and brochures. We use her services for transcription, bookkeeping, insurance contracting, and medical billing. I highly recommend her." -Barry, Orthotic & Prosthetic provider, Ohio

"Sherri and I got to know each other well while she was a real estate agent in Florida. She is the optimum professional. Her research, statistics, and analysis were exceptional when I met her. The continue to be exceptional now, 15 years later. She is a natural at real estate and property management. The way she's able to read market trends is fascinating. Her creativity and knowledge of systems have helped us tremendously. She creates our content and upgrades our systems and workflows as we continue to grow. She has exceeded every expectation!!! With every project, I continue to learn from you, Sherri. Until the next one...Cheers!" -Barb, Real Estate Broker, Florida

"When I decided to start my own business, over 11 years ago, I knew my skills were limited. I knew I needed to reach out for help, but the thought of it was scary because I didn't have money to waste if it didn't work out with the company I entrusted to help me. God clearly led me to you, Sherri. Not only were my fears non-existent by the time my first project with you started, but being able to reach out to you again and again with my new ideas has truly made me feel a sense of calm and freedom. Thank God I found you! The freedom that comes with being a legit business owner has been incredible." -Connie, Yoga and Ayurveda, Wisconsin

"When it comes to marketing or writing, I'm clearly out of my element. Thankfully Sherri isn't. She took the time to understand my profession and the goals I had for my business. When I approached Sherri I had a small concept. I wanted to be in business for myself by providing lawn care services. She took my small concept and taught me how to dream BIG! I now have a staff of 30, cover four counties, and offer services I had only hoped to do. It wouldn't have been possible without her. I depend on her advice and her because she's taken my business further than I ever could've imagined. Thank you Sherri for being such a great support to me and my business. I highly recommend you and your team." -Tony, Lawn & Snow Services, Tennessee

"When the pandemic hit and employers, like mine, shut down it got me thinking about long term goals for supporting me and my family. The problem was, I didn't know the first thing about creating a business around my skills. I researched online for businesses that could help me create a start-up like I envisioned. I had conversations with several other business owners, similar to Sherri's, but the conversation I had with Sherri really resonated with me on several key things I wanted to focus on. With Sherri's help, I've been able to create a business that's consistent every month and is able to sustain me and my family in uncertain times. Besides my wife, I now have a go-to girl that truly cares about the success of me and my business. Thank you Sherri and I pray our Creator blesses you!!!" -Alex, Graphic Design, Georgia

"I am so thankful I came across your website over 7 years ago. After being in retail for decades, as an employee of others, I was more than comfortable with the 'workings' of what needed to happen inside the walls of a shop. But, I was certainly afraid to step out on my own because I felt business ownership was beyond my reach. Having you setup the systems I needed and make everything into a 'workflow' that made sense to me was such a relief. Not only can I manage a customer's experience within the walls of my business, but I can also manage all the details of owning a business. Thank you so much for all you do and for always going above and beyond my expectations!" -Suzy, Resale Shop, Ohio

"We have used Sherri's business services for over 10 years. Sherri and her team have been instrumental in our success. I highly recommend them for any type of business and any size. Sherri really goes the extra mile to understand your business and where you want to take it. The results she and her team have given us were beyond my wife's and my expectations. You won't be sorry for working with Sherri. Sherri, you are much appreciated!" -Bill, Trash + Bulk Pick-up, Ohio

"The seller is so sweet. And the Striking Tool is, of course, great along with the price. Definitely support anything that helps women defend themselves." -Amy K

"I wasn't sure which self-defense tool to buy and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to use any of the Damsel items. Sherri helped me narrow down what would work best for me. Showed me how to use it, as well as, explained the best places for me to carry it on me so I could reach it quickly. I was happy with that purchase and have since purchased other items." -Brenda

"The Hollar Alarm is not only a small and portable device, but adds a feeling of security when needed. The sound is loud enough but does not hurt your ears. When I set it off, my dogs all came running, thinking Mama was hurt. I am considering adding a breakaway lanyard so it's always handy, the other option is to attach to cell phone. Love the product. Great gift idea." -Jan

"I bought two of the Striking Tools. I was going to buy just one, but after talking with Sherri on staging my self-defense items and being prepared at all times, I realized it would be smarter to buy two. I now keep one on my key-chain which I had planned on doing anyway, but I also keep one attached to the driver-side car rest of my car so that I can be prepared while I'm busy with groceries and grand kids. I love her ideas for being prepared!" -Vickie C

"Even though Sherri's in Ohio, she's still concerned about everyone in other states. Her sincerity is genuine. I'm in Florida and not only bough a stun gun for myself, but also 3 Step-offs for each of the doors in my home. For Christmas I bought my grand kids the Junk In The Trunks because they're driving now. I also bought a Concealed Carry Purse for my daughter-in-law and a RFID Wallet for my son. We all love our products. Thanks Sherri!" -J.M

"I live in Kansas and am recently widowed. I came across Sherri on social media. I contacted her about possibly buying something for myself now that I'm alone. She is such a warm and caring person that I immediately felt at ease with her. She spent time with me talking about my needs and helped me purchase several items. She's the real deal and I love the Damsel products I purchased." -Liz D

    Providing Small Business Services and Workshops since 1991 through small business consulting, online business management, and virtual assistance. Specializing in Genealogy Services and Workshops for OH, KY, and WV. Providing courses to fellow Christians.

    Co-owner of Smith Ridge Farm where we offer heirloom vegetables and herbs grown on our farm, canned preserves, farm-fresh treats, and custom-designed merchandise.